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Let’s start the most exciting project of my life

Today I decided to start a project which might be a bit crazy – but nevermind, I’d love to run through the process of that project and will create something stunning, for all LEO and LIONS: A book about the LEO Clubs in the world, their work, their members, their activities.

There is a very straight forwarded aim: Creating a wonderful, esthetic and artificial photo-documentation and as a result a book about the work of the LEO Clubs worldwide to show the differences in cultures but work out the very same ideology of all LEO Clubs. The release of the book should be in 2017, which would be the 60th anniversary of LEO Club.

I’d like to visit LEO Clubs and take stunning, authentic and documentary-styled photographes of their daily LEO work. There is a quite long way to go until the book will be finished, but I’d love to spend my spare-time within the next 3 years and put all my energy into that project beside my daily job, so that LEO community will get a unique product.

I’m not interested in earning any money with this project, but I will not be able to afford all flights and expenses by myself so I’ll have to ask for funding at LIONS and LEOS and some private sponsors. All expenses and costs will be made transparent and my activities will be documented on twitter, facebook and especially here on the weblog.

Stay tuned and feel free to get into contact with me on twitter, facebook, the blog or via e-mail. I’m looking forward to your ideas, your participation and for sure to see you in real life at your LEO club!


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Last modified: 29. März 2013