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Off to the national convention in Slovenia!

Just by chance I got to know some crazy Slovenian LEO girls on a party in Austria several years ago. It has been a quite awesome time with them and so we kept contact via facebook. Well. That was the beginning of a really great love to the Slovenian LEOs. Since 5 years their national convention is still a must to see.

The travel-route

Because it was easy and cheep we too the train from Wels via Salzburg and Villach to Ljubljana, which took us about 5:30 hrs, which is quite a good time. We in this case are Matthias – a good friend from Germany, living in Austria and hopefully soon also a LEO, Karoline – my wonderful girlfriend and also LEO from my club and for sure me. So: we had some great time on the train with champaign, beer, wine and some nice people we met on the train. So overall it has been a really good thing.

We stayed in Ljubljana for one night and got a lift from two awesome guys to Bohinj where the convention took place. The way back was actually the same as before. Car-ride to Ljubljana and back by train via Villach, Salzburg to Wels.

First and only day in Ljubljana

Our apartment for the first night in Ljubljana was a blast: only 100€ for 3 (but up to 5) people and absolutely downtown next to THE hipster spot. So if you want to enjoy this awesome town and stay directy in the center – check out this flat – I bet there is no better place to say in this area! And here you can find and book it:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-19 um 21.59.51

Well: there was not so much time left to do stuff we have just decided to stay downtown next to the river and check out several different bars. So this is what we did: Eating and drinking until we ended up with 4 McDonald’s burgers and a really hot Kebap in our appartment getting ready for the next day which should start early at around 8am.

Some impressions

Because for some reasons I did not bring my camera with me to this trip, I could not take nice photos of this town and our journey. So for all of you who don’t know this awesome city, I collected some photos from the internet *) to give you some impressions how wonderful it is there.

You can also find some images I took in Ljubljana from a former visit here:

No images attached

*) I totally respect the copyright of each photographer of these images above and I hope they are okay with it using it on this non-commercial blog!

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