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Nazioleo 2014, Venice, Italy ahead

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I was really flattered when I got the invitation to join the italian LEO National Convention in Venice this year and talk about The LEO Book there. Only few days left and I’m really looking forward it!

One of the organizers, Roberta Panini offered me to talk about the idea of The LEO Book on their convention and get the chance to address my vision to several hundreds of italian LEOs. I really couldn’t say no to this opportunity and chance, so I’ll be going to Venice from 2. – 4. May next week.

For me now it’s time to start working on a presentation and handouts of and for the project. As a next step I need to raise some money to pay for all my tickets and travel-costs, so I’d really like to offer some nice packages to LEO Clubs. Something like: Support the project with 189€ and your club will get a presentation on my website and will appear in the donor-page inside the book. But this is something I really have to think about before and will discuss in some other blogposts – maybe.

Back to orga-team:

These people are really doing a great job! The planning of this event is really damn good. A lot of activity on their facebook-wall and also very good communication with me about booking, trips, my speech and all that stuff. So far, I really like it and I’m really looking forward to get to know all those guys.

So you defiantly should like their facebook-page. I am pretty sure that these guys will upload a lot of photos during their event next week. And as far as I  know the problem it will be a blast! They also have a very well done website which is only available in English, but google translate does a nice job 😉

Unfortunately I can not be there all the time, so I’ll travel to Venice during Friday and will be there right before the great gala-party in the evening.

My plans/timetable for the trip:

  • Get there in time
  • Have some great gala-party on Friday with them
  • Try to be fit for the Venice-Trip on Saturday (I’m really so looking forward seeing and taking photos of this town)
  • Do lot of interviews with orga-team and presidents of different LEO-clubs from Italy.
  • Take a lot of photos of the event, the town, the LEOs, the party, everything!
  • Hold the talk on Saturday afternoon
  • Prepare for 20s-themed-party on Saturday evening/night
  • Get back home safely and in time on Sunday


From Wels to Villach I’ll go by train, from Villach to Venice I’ll take a bus-connection. After a 9hrs ride I hopefully should be able to take part in this event for 2 days! Back on Sunday again – so I think I’m going to spend more time on the bus than on the event itself – haha!

So feel free to like, share, comment, ask and get in touch with me!

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