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My vacation in Italy 2014

It actually was my private vacations and did not have something to do with “THE LEO BOOK” but you know: leonism is everywhere and also my project lives every day with me.

I traveled with my girlfriend between 25th of May and 7th of June from Wels to Naples, Tuscany and back to Wels. By car. An awesome trip with lots of impressions. We also met LEOs in Naples and Florence. Find all details and tons of photos of the tip on my private blog http// (unfortunately it’s in german).

Our meeting with LEOs in Naples

It was great to get to know Marco Landi, president of LEO Club Napoli 1799, which is actually a club I’m going to visit during my project as well as members from LEO Club Castellammaredistabiaterme who organized that great evening together with Lions clubs from the region.

IMG_1769 IMG_1771 IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1775

Charter night in Firence

On our very last day in Italy we joined the charter night from LEO Club Firenze Sud and spent an amazing night in a superb location with Leos from Firence, Lucca and some Lions from the local area. Thanks for hosting us and good luck for your club! Thanks for the pennant!IMG_1850 Italienreise-14-06-06_DSC9990

Here is some overview of what we could see

Italienreise_DSC9228 Italienreise_DSC9240 Italienreise_DSC9273 Italienreise_DSC9354 Italienreise_DSC9366 Italienreise_DSC9369 Italienreise_DSC9388 Italienreise_DSC9422 Italienreise_DSC9478 Italienreise_DSC9484 Italienreise_DSC9587 Italienreise_DSC9616 Italienreise_DSC9640 Italienreise_DSC9641 Italienreise_DSC9674 Italienreise_DSC9730 Italienreise_DSC9759 Italienreise_DSC9809 Italienreise_DSC9864 Italienreise_DSC9882 Italienreise_DSC9922

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