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Planning the trip to Italy

View days ago I was invited by LEO Club Massafra-Mottola “Le Cripte” to some very special event on 7th of September. I decided, that after 1,5 years of planning, it’s time to start visiting LEO clubs and photographing them. So first destination: Italy. Again.

Well, this trip would only make sense if I can visit the other two clubs “LEO Club Napoli 1799” in Naples and “LEO Club Catanie Gioeni” in Sicily too.

LEO Club Massafra

LEO Club Catania

LEO Club Napoli

After trying to find the best route I realized that it’s quite long way to go by car. Around 4.000 km which is pretty tough program for 1 week. So I was trying to figure out several plane, train and hire-car variants. Also pretty crazy, as well as too expensive.

So I tried one more thing: Interrail. And was totally happy about the result:

I could start on Friday 5.9. in Innsbruck at 9:30am by train and travel all the way down to Taranto (close to Massafra where I’ll have to go). I’ll arrive there at 22:10 the same day. Pretty cool!

Then I can spend 2 full days with the LEOs in Massafra before I’ll take the train from Taranto to Catania on Monday 8.9. from 9:41 until 21:30. Again I can spend 2 full days (Tuesday and Wednesday) with the LEOs in Sicily before leaving to Naples on Thursday. The train will take me from Catania to Naples between 8:43 and 16:15. Friday and Saturday will be Naples time, on Sunday, 14.9. I’ll take the ride back to Innsbruck between 8:00 and 16:30. And then 3hrs more back home to Wels.

Surprisingly the 1st class interrail-ticket is just 338€ (which is around 450 USD) and therefore cheeper than any flight-ticket or fuel-costs. Hotels will cost me furthermore around 430€ (around 600$).

I’m now watching out for the answers of LEO Club Napoli and LEO Club Catania if they will have time for my visit. As soon they answer I’m about to book my rooms as well as the interrail-tickets.

Yeah! This will be an awesome ride!

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Last modified: 4. August 2014