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Italy here I come

I am actually pretty nervous about my first official “The LEO Book”-trip. Especially because I don’t know what will happen and how everything will develop. I spent over 1 1/2 years of organizing and thinking about the idea, the concept and my trips. Next week on September 5th I’ll get onto the train to Italy at 5am in the morning and will be traveling down to Sicily and back within 10 days. I’ll be meeting 4 different LEO clubs and will be guest at a Charter-Party in Taranto – Crazy!

Last Sunday I spent around 10 hours to figure out whether I should fly or take train-connections. It was pretty hard task and I really very exhausted after this day. But at the end I decided to take the train. As you will see below with a pretty tough schedule. I guess I should buy some more eBooks on amazon for my kindle 🙂


And this will – roughly – be my schedule for my trip, The only two fixed events I know are the Charter Night in Taranto and the play in Massafra on September 6 and 7. About what will happen then I have no idea.

September 5th

Wels 5:21 – Salzburg 6:48 – Innsbruck 8:54 – Bologna 14:07 – Bari 20:18 – Massafra 21:49
B&B Sotto la Volta, which I am really looking forward!

jpeg-1 jpeg-2 jpeg

September 6th

I’ll attend the Charter night of LEO Club Taranto (see facebook-event here)


7. September 2014

In the evening there will be a play “Anna del miracoli” which I’ll attend (see facebook event here)


September 8th

Train: Massafra 8:23 – Taranto 9:41 – Salerno 13:36 – Catania 21:26
Hotel: B&B San Placido Inn, Piazza San Placido 3 – Catania (SICILY)

bed-breakfast-san-placido-1 bed-breakfast-san-placido

September 11th

Train: Catania 11:37 – Napoli 19:15
Appartment: Vicoletto S. Giorgio Ai Mannesi, 14 – Yeah, such a huge roof-terrace in old-town of Naples. This will be a blast!

jpeg-6 jpeg-7

September 14th

Train: Napoli 9:00 – Bologna 12:35 – Padova 13:52 – Innsbruck 20:08 – Wels: 22:13
Hotel: home again 🙂

As I mentioned above, I am pretty excited about all that and I’m really trying hard to believe that traveling by train such long distances will be pretty easy going task. So stay tuned!

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