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What’s so special about cinnamon in Denmark?

A new fact I got to know about traditions: as soon one turns 25 and is not married one will be punished by throwing cinnamon onto one by ones friends. Thats really funny, isn’t it? So a member of LEO Club Aarhus turned 25 last week, but could hide that from her friends. She thought so. But on the meeting there was plenty of cinnamon used in cakes and this lovely bakery we got for tea! Gotcha!

Okay, so this was the story in fact about cinnamon, now let’s write about my story. On my way to Aarhus I wanted to see the Holmsland Klit, which should offer really nice landscapes and a lighthouse with amazing view around the region (unfortunately it was closed when I got there). Well, and it actually was pretty awesome there – really great landscape and a good alternative to the “flat-lands” in inner Denmark.

Finding a parking-lot in Aarhus is most likely not possible, so I – shame on me – was late for like 30 minutes to the meeting which took place in a flat of a LEO Club member. The afternoon itself was gorgeous! We talked about so many topics and LEO stuff, they were working on some projects they are currently planning and we could exchange lot of thoughts and ideas. Especially I love their attitude about being a LEO. They love to serve, they love to put a smile on children’s faces and they love to share their message with other young people. Thumbs up for this.

Highlight of the day was the little LEO piggy-bank they bought several years ago – watch the picture how cute he is!

In the evening I took a nice and long walk back to the hotel, which is located in downtown center right next to the cathedral and all the shops!

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