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From Aarhus to Lolland-Falster

Finally,  internet in the hotel again and I can upload my images from yesterdays trip from Aarhus to Saxkjobing, where I’m about to visit LEO Club Lolland-Falster. On my way to the island I passed by Odense (dt. Ottensee) which where 1805 Hans Christian Ansersen was born. Unfortunately I could not stay longer than an hour, but this city is absolutely awesome. It has a neverending shopping-street (I think in sum it’s about 4km long) and lots of interesting shops I’d love to see. So a reason to come back one day.

Thanks to my navigation system on my iPhone I had to took the ferry to Lolland, which was a great, 45 minutes long and relaxing trip.

Arrived at the hotel in Saxkjobing I was invited by LEO Anisette and her boyfriend Steffen to her parents for dinner and some cake. Before having dinner they showed me the Lions-house where the next days club meeting would take place as well as some first impressions from this little, but sweet town. Between dinner and cake-time they showed me their bakery underneath their flat and we had a ~1hr long ride by car through the town, the surrounding as well as to Nykobing, a town close to Saxkjobing. They showed me the very famous sugar factory there (photos from it see in my next blogpost)

Again a very very nice and inspiring day. Thanks to Anisettes parents for the nice dinner and cake.

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