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Today I used to travel from Lolland to Esbjerg again, so nothing breathtaking happened. It was a nice, 3,5hrs ride in the morning and I arrived in the hotel around 13:00. Before that I could get a quick and unique view into the production and service area of viking life saving equipments, the company Ninna works. It was fascinating to see how much technology, research and effort is put into life-saving equipment. Also I saw a lifecraft first in my life.

Yesterday evening I was invited to the monthly meeting of LEO Club Lolland-Falster, which took place in the lions-house in Saxkjobing. They surprised me with Smørrebrød – a traditional food in Denmark, which we had together before the meeting started. A nice detail: each attendee had to pick a card to know where to sit. Pretty nice idea, so people get mixed at each meeting. In the beginning I could present my project to LEOs and LIONs as well, which was a great honor, also to get feedback about the project.

During the meeting there was coffee and cake break, so people could make a bit of a rest and talk about something else.

They also presented some nice activity they did at the Sweekend. They build bracelets themselves for a project called “Bus for Africa” and were selling them. Great and simple idea. The end of the meeting was surprising: the so called “tailtwister” defined fees for each attendee (e.g. “you did not wear the LEO needle, so you have to pay 20 danish krona to the piggy-bank”). This is really a great idea to collect some money for the the club, which they can spend on drinks or food.

I will definitely think about introducing this in my club!

Dear LEOs and Lions from Lolland Falster, thank you so much for your time you shared with me. All the best and see you soon – somehwere around the world!

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Last modified: 6. November 2014