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The LEO Book Calendar 2015

No need to wait until 2017 until the book is finished!

You can get a nice calendar full of pictures from my trips around Europe in 2014 already. And as the perfect side-effect: with your purchase you’ll support the project, so I can pay for my travel expenses (flights, hotels, visa etc.). I’ll print this calendar as soon I’ll have at least 50 pre-orders until December 19th.

TLB Kalender Mockup

What can you expect?

  • A3-landscape wall calendar with 14 pages
  • 12 wonderful and unique photographs from my trips to Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Denmark and Istanbul in 2014
  • Follow-up calendars for 2016 and 2017
  • All your contribution will go into The LEO Book project

How much will it cost?

  • The calendar itself will cost 25 € ( 35 USD )
  • Shipping within Austria: 5€
  • Shipping within EU: 10€
  • International Shipping: 25 USD
  • Free shipping if I’ll be able to send more than 5 calendars to one (international) address

When will it be finished?

If I get at least 50 pre-orders until December 19th, the calendar will be shipped during Christmas-time, so you’ll get it right in the beginning of the year!

When and how will you have to pay?

I’ll add an invoice with transfer-details to the package, so you can easily pay via wired transfer or paypal after you received your copy. You will not have to pay when the calendar will not be produced (e.g. there are less then 50 pre-orders until December 19th

Get your copy now!

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Last modified: 27. November 2014