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The Power of Disctrict-Meetings

During my trip through Italy I could experience something, which made me change the way I see the existence of districts. For the last view years (since I became a LEO) I was wondering, why LEOs are bundled in districts and which sense does that have. In Austria we actually directly communicate to the board of directors of the multi-district, as well there is no board of directors in our districts. Maybe because Austria is a small country, we only have a disctricts-representative.

When I arrived Naples this year, Marco Landi picked me up near my apartment and brought me to a disctricts-meeting, where around 50 LEOs from the region around Naples met and discussed their activities for the year. Each club or project team presented their individual ideas and plans to the group of LEOs, so everyone was informed about what’s going on inside the district. I really liked that idea, because so everyone is more motivated to reach goals during the year.

Also someone told me, that if LEOs visit and support each others at these activities, the activities are always well visited. They need to make less advertising for it and always get enough attention.

After the meeting there was a nice garden party, with wine and typical Italian cuisine. A DJ was taking care about the right tunes as well as people were dancing. In fact a really great thing. I loved it so much, that as soon I arrived home, I was calling the districts-representative of my district and informed her about that. Because she totally liked that idea, I was organizing the first disctricts-meeting (since I can remember) of MD-114 Mitte, which took place in my lovely hometown Wels this autumn.

Does your country have districts-meetings? Do you attend them? What is your experience and attitude among them? Let me know in the comments below!

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