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Ancient Wels

Fully inspired by the district meeting in Naples (see this Blogpost) I called our districts-representative Ulrike and told her about the idea to organize something similar in our district. It’s important that LEO clubs of the regions know each other in person, share their experiences and help each other. She was amazed by the idea and supported me in any way. So we decided to set up a nice first get-to-gether in Wels (my hometown). My club and I were in charge of the program.

Wels is an old Roman town and offers a variety of programs around it’s ancient buildings. We hired a so called “Nachtwächter” (night watchman) who told us some stories about former times. The trip through Wels took us about 90 minutes and beside it was really cold, it made a lot of fun. Especially the part when the night watchman started to play some music on her clarinet and we had to dance to it. It was a great symbol which shows, we as LEOs belong to each other.

After the walk we met at an Italian restaurant called “Olivi” in the old town, where the official get-to-gether took place. I am very proud that around 20 LEOs from 5 different clubs (our district has 12 clubs in total) took part in that first attempt. The mood among the LEOs was great and all of them loved to be here. One could feel that people like meeting and there is a need in such meetings!

I am very glad that I made the experience in Naples and could transfer this activity to my district! I am looking forward to the next meeting in spring next year!

Let me know how you think about this, if you have district-meetings too and what you are doing when you meet?

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