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Hello India

14.2.2015 – As mentioned in the previous post, we had a pretty long flight and no time to get some sleep. So after Gaurav and his friend took us to the hotel, we firstly took a nap to gain some energy. Because our hotel is situated very close to this very famous Connaught Place, one of the largest financial, commercial and business centers in Delhi we decided to try to walk there.

Connaught Place is a huge circle with lots of (international) shops selling mostly international brands. Inside this circle there is the so called “Central Park” with a big flagpole in its center.

DSC_8687 DSC_8685DSC_8682 DSC_8674 DSC_8661 DSC_8656 DSC_8655

During our walk around the Connaught Place we found the Lions Blood Bank, an initiative of Lions-friends from Delhi. A good opportunity to get in touch with residents on the street and chat a bit about helping people and how important their contribution is.

DSC_8628 DSC_8632 DSC_8636 DSC_8645

We’ve been home at around 16:00 again, totaly exhausted from the trip, so we decided to get some sleep and to be ready for the trip with Gaurav the next day.

Hello india!

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