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Fair for Volunteering

These days the so called “Freiwilligenmesse” (fair for volunteering) takes place the first time in the Design Center in Linz, Upper Austria. At this event, associations can present their services to the public. I really liked this idea very much and organized a stand for Austrian LEOs there. Members of my club are supporting during the event and sharing information as well as experiences with interested people.

For LEOs it’s a great opportunity to present our brand. Many people ask “What is LEO?” After telling them, that we are part of well known “Lions-Clubs” people have a glue about what we are doing and start to ask more detailed questions.

For me it’s very obvious that the brand “LEO” must be strengthened so it does not need an explanation of what LEO is. Also during my stay in Nepal LEOs I had a huge discussion about this topic. The brand LEO is strong and should not be described as “we are part of LIONS” but more like “We are the LEOs and we are on the same level as the Lions”.

While writing about Kathmandu: yesterday the shocking news about that earthquake reached us via facebook and twitter. To see this shocking images is very breathtaking. Today I’m wearing pins I got during my stay in Kathmandu several weeks ago. Friends, this is for you. All the best and lots of energy in this situation!

freiwilligenmesse-2 freiwilligenmesse-3

More Information about this unique fair (only in german) on their website:


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Last modified: 26. April 2015