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Planning the First Mission

29/4/2015 – Our heart got filled after seeing a six days old child sleeping under a thin plastic shade in Suntari village. Suntari is a small village comprising of marginalized and poor families in rural Parbat.
The houses there are down or seriously damaged by earthquake, people now living in ad hoc tents without food, are suffocating under open sky. They used to work all day to manage their ‘hand to mouth’. The work is gone now. A little of storage of grains maintained is now buried inside the remains of fallen house. They are forced to eat half stomach, on top of that not very hygienic food. Up to 50 people are living in a small tent. Insecure, congested and suffocating!

The people were literally using dried grass as mattress, we tried to support them at least with some mattresses yesterday. In the meantime we prepared this report as relief planning:

30 households (~120 people) require rescue food for a month. In minimum, we need 1800 kg of rice, 200 kg of dal and a little bit of spices. In total, we need NRs 1,18,600. We want to make the support reach them within a day or two. So please hurry.

The locales have pledged to support NRs 18,600. We need to raise 1,00,000. To support, please deposit your preferred amount to Rastriya Banijya Bank Balaju branch a/c number 119001636010 (Biplab Subedi). Accountability assured.

Support of food for a month would help them seek out for alternatives afterwards. Thus the idea is sustainable and it addresses the urgency.

[Coordinated by Leo Club of Balaju Height and Leo Club of Kathmandu Central Town with Support from Global Fellowship Nepal] For details: Leo Pradeep Ghimire (977-9849-033-939) and Leo Biplab Subedi (977-98510-02506)]

PS: This is our first mission, we’ll be going to many such other affected areas in later days.

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Text above written by Biplab Subedi on facebook (original post). He allowed me to publish it on my blog.

Want to help?

The LEO Book is collecting donations via PayPal and bank wired transfer and will forward it to Leo Club of Kathmandu Balaju Height to support it’s project. Because of collected transfers the transaction-fees will be minimized. We’ll keep you up to date about further missions and usage of your donation.

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