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Mission 1 Report

Mission 1 Report

Leo Clubs of Kathmandu Balaju Height and Central Town
Earthquake Relief Program (supported by Global Fellowship Nepal, GFN)

14/05/2015 – Mission 1 was conducted at Suntari village of Parbat district where around 30 houses had gone down. The majority was of marginalised and poverty stricken people. They were supported in three phases:

  1. Provided mattress: With support from Mr. Ram Chandra Subedi, we distributed 50 metres of mattress in total to the affected people living under tents. (April 28)

  2. We organised a health camp in the same village with support from the district hospital, Parbat and a team of French medical personnels who were participating in GFN’s cultural exchange program in the village. Around 35 villagers got benefitted with free check up and medicine. (April 29)

  3. We distributed 50 sacks of Rice (30 kg each), 5 sacks of dal (25 kg each) and 50 packets of salt to the villagers on the basis of recommendation made by the consent of the villagers. The salt was supported by the grade ten students of local Bishwo Jyoti Higher Secondary School. The local community supported the affected people with 150 kg of rice as well. (May 3)

We are thankful to our supporters:

  • donatenepal team, UK: Rs 46,500 /-
  • Jean Michel Lejeune, France: Rs 22,700 /-
  • Anniaz Maniez, Hongkong: Rs 11,000 /-
  • Amit Deo, Biratnagar: Rs 11,000 /-
  • Paudel Dolen, USA: Rs. 10,297 /-
  • Leo Sudarshan Kharel and friends, Kathmandu: Rs. 3,250 /-
  • Total collected Fund: Rs. 1,04,747 /- (~910€)

Total Expenses of Support

  • Rice and Dal : Rs. 71,000 /-
  • Transportation Cost: Rs. 4,000 /-
  • Total:Rs. 75,000 /- (~650€)

At the moment, we would like to appeal everyone for furthermore support for our upcoming missions. We are very soon releasing the details of other missions pre support and post support details. Thank you!

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Text above written by Biplab Subedi on facebook (original post). He allowed me to post it here.

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