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Mission 2

Earthquake Relief Program: Mission 2
(Support the quake victims from Danda Gaun)

16/5/2015 – The situation was more worse than expected. We visited one of the highly affected villages (Danda Gaun VDC) of highly affected district Rasuwa. We didn’t find a single standing house apart from extremely few cemented houses at lower range. Few villages are completely swept down by landslides that followed the quakes. After a detail study, we chose four of the wards (ward number 6,7,8 and 9) from the upper side of Danda Gaun and couldn’t filter more.

During need analysis, the most demanding thing was relief food. So we have prepared this report as Mission 2 relief planning:

350 households (~1800 people) require rescue food for a month. In minimum, we need 10,500 kg of rice. There will be a 30 kg sack of rice which will cost NRs 1,100 per sack. In total, we need 350 sacks of rice costing NRs 3,85,000.

We want to make the support reach them within a day or two. So please hurry.

The district locals (who are already highly affected) have pledged to support the transportation charge. We need to raise NRs 3,85,000 (approx. $ 3,850) . To support, please deposit your preferred amount to:

Account Number: 119001636010
Bank Name: Rastriya Banijya Bank
Account Holder Name: Biplab Subedi
Accountability assured. We have already published the report of Mission 1 done in Parbat as well.
Support of food for a month would help them seek out for alternatives afterwards. Thus, the idea is sustainable and it addresses the urgency.

Let’s act now! Let’s show that humanity still exists!

(Coordinated by Leo Clubs of Kathmandu Balaju Height and Central Town with support from Global Fellowship Nepal; for details Leo Biplab Subedi 9851002506, Shailesh Lamichhane 9851084358)


Text above written by Biplab Subedi on facebook (original post). He allowed me to post it here.

Want to help?

The LEO Book is collecting donations via PayPal and bank wired transfer and will forward it to Leo Club of Kathmandu Balaju Height to support it’s project. Because of collected transfers the transaction-fees will be minimized. We’ll keep you up to date about further missions and usage of your donation.

Donate via bank wire transfer:

Othmar Fetz – The LEO Book
IBAN: AT412032032102841834
Subject: Nepal Relief Fund

Donate via PayPal:

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