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Mission 2 Report


Kathmandu Balaju Height Leo Club and Leo Club of Kathmandu Central Town
Earthquake Relief Program (supported by Global Fellowship Nepal – GFN and Debate Network Nepal – DNN)

Mission 2 Report
Mission 2 was conducted at Danda Gaun village (Ward 6,7,8 and 9) of Rasuwa district where around two wards have been swept away by the landslide and others have gone down. The majority was of marginalised and poverty stricken people. There were around 350 families and they were living in tents. They have been supported with food on May 21st, 2015.

Provided rice: distributed 350 sacks of rice (30 kg each) for each family from the abovementioned wards of Danda Gaun village. We coordinated with the local VDC and stakeholders for distribution. We are glad that it was carried out successfully.

We are thankful to our supporters

  • Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund – Tulsa, USA: Rs. 1,35,000 /-
  • Dominique Cheruy, France: Rs. 1,07,516 /-
  • Renard, France: Rs. 33,114 /-
  • Jean Michel Lejeune, France: 32,927 /-
  • Benian Inal, Germany: 32,320 /-
  • Prasin Man Bijukchhe (raised by): Rs. 31,100 /-
  • S & Y Investment Inc, USA: Rs. 30,000 /-
  • Liora Sher, USA: Rs. 20,000 /-
  • Cheruy Emmanuelle, France: Rs. 21,504 /-
  • Uncle Cyril Wickramaratne and family, Sri Lanka: 20,000 /-
  • Babita Shrestha, Australia: Rs. 10,000 /-
  • Third Pole, Kathmandu: Rs. 5000 /-
  • Ram Chandra Subedi, Parbat: Rs. 5000 /-
  • Salman Khan, Pakistan: Rs. 2500 /-Remaining Amount from Mission 1: Rs. 29,747 /-
    Total collected Fund: Rs. 5,15,728 /-

Total Expenses of Support:

Rice (350 sacks@1100): Rs. 3,85,000 /-
Transportation Cost: Rs. 17,400 /-
Total Expenses: Rs. 4,02,400 /- ( ~3.500€ )

** The remaining amount (Rs. 1,13,328/-) will be spent on the upcoming missions.

At the moment, we would like to appeal everyone for furthermore support for our upcoming missions. We are very soon releasing the details of other missions pre support and post support details. Thank you.


Text above written by Biplab Subedi on facebook (original post). He allowed me to post it here.

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