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Earthquake Relief Mission 3 – Appeal Statement


Last weekend, for the feasibility study of Mission 3, we visited three wards of Gairimudi village of Dolakha district. It is one of the most destructed VDCs in the district. On top of that, Dolakha was the epicenter of the massive 12 May aftershock.

Due to the earthquake, most people have sort of shifted to temporary shelters but life looks very hard. It’s very hot and mosquitoes are troubling the people living without nets. We want to support 375 households from ward number 8 and 9 with a pair of mosquito nets each (NRs 400 each). It will require 3,00,000 NRs ($3000).

Also, we want to support 75 primary level school kids with a stationary pack (a dozen copies –NRs 200, a pencil box — NRs 100 and a geometry box — NRs 100 packed in a bag –NRs 250) each. It will motivate them to study and go to schools. Also we want to support the local Gauri Shankar Primary School in Ghoredhunga (Ward No. 9) with some stationary and sports materials. In total it will require us NRs 60,000 ($600).

We also want to support Janajyoti HSS, a higher secondary school in Putalikath with 3 computer sets. They require it on a very urgent basis so that they could engage ~450 students in studying with the help of multimedia. They have 9 buildings down out of 10 where they also lost their computer lab and library. The school holds records in the history of education in Dolakha despite being located in a marginalized Tamang community. They require a lot lot of support — be it in any kinds. However, at the moment, 3 computers will cost us around 90,000 NRs ($900).

In grand total, we require 4,50,000 NRs ($4500). We would like to request everyone to help us raise the funds for the village.

To support, please contact us:

Leo Biplab Subedi (977-9851002506) or Leo Pradeep Ghimire (977-9849033939).
Account Number: 0200050054037
A/C Holder’s Name: Leo Club of Kathmandu Balaju Height
Bank Name: Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.

We assure you the transparency of the funds like we have done in our earlier missions. We shall publish the report with pictures after the support reaches them. Thank you.

(Coordinated by the Leo Clubs of Kathmandu Balaju Height and Central Town — with support from Global Fellowship Nepal and Debate Network Nepal)






Text above written by Biplab Subedi on facebook (original post). He allowed me to post it here.

Want to help?

The LEO Book is collecting donations via PayPal and bank wired transfer and will forward it to Leo Club of Kathmandu Balaju Height to support it’s project. Because of collected transfers the transaction-fees will be minimized. We’ll keep you up to date about further missions and usage of your donation.

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