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From Lisbon to Coimbra

It’s already three weeks ago when I started my trip to Portugal. Unfortunately I was so busy with traveling, enjoying that wonderful country and spending time with LEOs that I did not have time to blog about my experiences. That’s why I’m late and I feel a little bit ashamed because of this. But I am sure, you’ll be enjoying the pictures as much as three weeks ago.

24.5.2015 – This day is a good day! After a short, but very nice sleep in Lisbon I started early at around 10:00. To be honest, I had no idea where to go and what to do. My aim was Coimbra, only 170km away from Lisbon, but I know that I would not like to go there just by highway, I wanted to see the sea and experience Europe’s west coast. So I just drove from Lisbon to the west.

I was really amazed by the landscape, because to be honest I did not expected Portugal to be so hilly in this area. So this was a big surprise for me. The weather was perfect (as it was during my whole trip) and everything looked like out from the postcard, crystal clear blue sky as well as crystal clear water. The cliffs were amazing and I loved to just stand there and explore the sea.

From Lisbon to Coimbra

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The highways are simply perfect (as I got to know later during my trip, they were built with too much money and are one of the best highways in Europe). In the late afternoon I reached Coimbra, known for his university and historic center. After driving almost 400 km I was really happy to walk around a bit after I checked into my wonderful apartment (I think I’ll write a separate post about it).

The historic center was really nice, small paths, lots of shops, lots of cafes and restaurants. Superb flair and for me the first time to get into touch with Portugal culture.

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My stops during my first day ride

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What about you?

Have you ever been to Portugal or even to Coimbra? Let me know your opinion in the comment-section below!

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