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LEF Workshops

Great news everyone: I’ll be holding two workshops during the LEO European Forum in Germany this August. A fun workshop about photography and one serious workshop about LEO branding and marketing. As lot of things, this story started with a simple and easy idea: I wanted to present and talk about The LEO Book project to a wide range of people to get as many people to know about my project as possible and present them all the great stories I can experience. The best opportunity for that is for sure the LEF, an event where several hundreds of LEOs meet. This year the LEF will take place in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

So I wrote a short email to the organizers of the event if there was a chance to promote my project with a short presentation. As always, ideas grow when people meet and discuss. So we figured out, that is the possibility to hold workshops for LEOs during the LEF. I was brainstorming with one of the organizers and we could figure out two nice topics I am really passioned about: photography and marketing.

And since yesterday it’s done: I finished the descriptions of my workshops which I’d like to share with you on my blog also. I am really very excited about the fact I can share my stories with LEOs and hope many of you will sign up for the sessions with me. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together!

LEF 2015


The Leo Europa Forum in general

The Leo Europa Forum (LEF) was established 39 years ago with the idea to bring together Leos from all over Europe and the Mediterranean in one place once a year.

At LEF we aim to develop ideas on the LEO movement beyond borders, exchange experiences and ideas that strengthen the Leo movement and expand it to other European countries. We discuss LCI topics, the joint development of our organization and of course, the implementation of international activities beyond borders.

LEF Constitution title III Chapter A Articel 1 – FORUM Goals: The FORUM gives an opportunity to meet Leo’s from other countries, to find foreign friends and to get to know other European countries. It shall be an occasion to exchange experiences and ideas for the LEO program.


Fun-Workshop „Photography”

Great photography is not about megapixels, aperture, lenses or post-production: it’s about telling stories, about the moment and the idea behind it. In this fun workshop I’ll show you some creative techniques which will change the way you will take photographs. I will also show you ways to achieve better shots with your smartphone (which can be pretty useful on your next LEO event). I’ll also show you how to polish your images directly on your smartphone.

What’s inside?
After short introduction of myself and insights into my recent photo-project – The LEO Book – I’ll show you some great inspirations, will teach you some tricks and show you how to use your smartphone as a darkroom. Because photography is about doing, not talking, we’ll be shooting a lot (roughly 2 hours), The last hour we’ll spend editing and collecting the pictures at one place.

What should you bring along?
Your smartphone (don’t forget the charger!)! If you don’t have, just bring your compact, range-finder or dslr-camera. No computer and no knowledge about photography required.

Who’s should attend this workshop?
Everyone who wants to take better pictures and get some new inspiration.


Serious Workshop „Branding”

LEO is an international brand which is represented by 160.000+ LEO members around the world. Each country, each club, each member has it’s own interpretation of the brand LEO, but in fact all of them are representing the same interests, goals and thoughts. Since 2012 I am exploring these differences and similarities of LEO clubs around the world in my project “The LEO Book”. Until 2017 I’ll visit 50 LEO clubs and publish a photo-book about them. During this project I’m also confronted with different ways of (self)marketing of LEO clubs. As designer I’d love to share my insights on this topic with you.

What’s inside?
I’ll give you deep insights into The LEO Book project and give you an overview of LEO marketing around the world. We’ll develop strategies which fit best for your LEO clubs as well learn some creative techniques around design and advertising.

What should you bring along?
Ideas, Something to write and if you have easy access to it some former advertising-material from your LEO club (we will have a look on some promotional campaigns of LEOs around the world)

Who’s should attend this workshop?
Everyone who’s interested in marketing, advertising, design and wants to get to know more about promoting LEO activities and LEO clubs.


About LEF 2015 Germany

The Leo MD-111 Germany organized four Leo Europa Forums (LEFs) so far, namely in Leipzig in 2007, in Berlin in 2000, in Weiden in 1991, and in München in 1984.

At our fifth LEF we want to welcome national and international guests again to our beautiful and diverse country – in Gelsenkirchen, in the Ruhrgebiet. This time, we would like to present Germany from a different, probably unknown side. We will show that it is not only Dirndl, Lederhosen and Schnitzel!

We chose the motto „Look Twice“. This motto does not only show the variety of German culture perfectly it also fits like no other the Ruhrgebiet area, where out LEF is taking place. Here is why: Many people have the notion that the Ruhrgebiet only consists of ugly, gray industries, run down cities and deserted mining dumps. But during LEF 2015, the myriad beautiful, picturesque corners will be shown in order to refute these prejudices. We will show our guests that, on the second look, the Ruhrgebiet is a surprising, livable, and vibrant area with its very own charme.

In addition, “Look Twice” stands for the change of perspective. Often, an opinion about something, a situation or a person is formed and maintained without considering that this particular something could be perceived just as well from a different angle, with a different outcome. The change of perspectives allows for new opportunities to arise, whether at work, college or school, or in the everyday interaction with Leos. Many activities arise precisely because Leos have different perspectives on things and people.

We think that “Look Twice” is an excellent theme for LEF 2015 which will re-appear during many moments at the Forum.

What’s your opinion about it?

Let me know your opinion about the LEF as well as the workshops? What would you like to hear and learn, do you have any questions upfront? Will you attend one of them?


Header image by Vancouver Film School /  CC BY 2.0

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