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From Coimbra to Porto

27/05/2015 – First thing of the day: Coffee again. Again in Cafe Santa Cruz, because I got to know yesterday, they have some famous pastry named after them. So let’s have it. I used the time to write down all my experiences as well as ideas for an upcoming project, which I’ll reveal soon to you, followed by street-photography training again. Today I brought my analog camera with me, which is compact, small and silent when clicking. It’s fascinating how different the persons on street react to this camera. They actually did not notice it. Great feeling. I should develop these films one day to show you the results.

DSC_4570 DSC_4561 IMG_3284 IMG_3287


At 10:00 I left Coimbra and headed to Porto, my next stop. On they way I had one task: see Averio and have ovos moles (another speciality of this town) there. Averio is also known as little Venice, which is kind of funny, because it really reminded me on my trip to Venice one year ago to the LEO national conference of Italy.

I spent like around two hours walking around, having coffee and these ovos moles, finding another nice sets of tiles on house-walls and explored a wonderful shopping-mall which was actually right in the center. Then I decided to head on to Porto and chill out a bit in my apartment there.











What do you think?

Have you ever been to Aveiro or even Venice? What’s your impressions of the cities? Let me know in the discussion section below!

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