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Big Lions and LEO activity in Porto

28/05/2015 – Today was a big day for around 400 kids from Porto! I was asked to come directly to that park in Porto to meet LEOs there. When I came near the park I realized, that this activity was going to be big. Busses and police everywhere on the road, no free parking-space. So I was a bit late, but I was trying hard to find a free parking-lot 🙂

Around 400 kids were invited by Lions and Leos from Lions Club Senhora de Hora and LEO Club Senhora de Hora to that security day. Police, fire brigade and other institutions were waiting for the kids in the park. The kids were taken to each of this institutions and got a lot of information from the action forces. For them it was a huge thing to be able to talk to a police man, see the inside of an ambulance car or even try to hold the hose from fire brigade.

The LEOs had some additional stations where the kids could play several games to proof their skills in balancing, rope-pulling or can knockdown. At lunchtime the kids got a lunch-package with some drinks, sweets and an apple in it, also provided by the Lions. The actual highlight was the delivery of the pizza-boxes and hotdogs. As you can imagine, the kids were celebrating it with lout shouting.

After that I unfortunately had to leave, but as far as they told me, there was a police dog show later on this day. It must have been a great day for the kids and I am sure, Lions and LEOs were satisfied by the success of this activity. I really loved it – thanks for the invitation!

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My apartment

Again I got a very nice apartment called Design Oporto Flats ( which I was totally satisfied with. I’ll review it later on in the section “Hotels” of this blog. This in fact was the very nice terrace of it.  DSC_5074

Francesinha an Porto

In the evening Fabio, his girlfriend Liliana (both LEOs) and one of their friends met me to show me the typical “Francesinha”, which is very famous dish in Oporto. So we went to that restaurant which serves the best Francesinha according to them. This sandwich (actually I forgot to take a picture of it) was huge, and very very very very very filling. So I was so happy that they showed me Porto for several hours then. Walking is by far the best thing one can do after having one of these monsters.

Francesinha especial

DSC_5078 DSC_5084

On the way through Porto we met an institution who cares about homeless. They give them needed equipment for body hygiene, serve them soups and help them when they need something. According to my LEO friends, there are several institutions who regularly help homeless.

DSC_5086 DSC_5089

I did not know, that this world famous bridge was built by Gustave Eiffel – did you? But I love how it’s used and how the top level is decorated with all that LED lights.

DSC_5097 DSC_5099 DSC_5106 DSC_5129 DSC_5130 DSC_5131 DSC_5132

I cam home late this night and I was totally exhausted, but I super loved that day. So many great things happened and I am so happy to be able to be part of such great project.

What about you?

Do you have such security-days for kids in your region? What do you think about such great activities together with Lions? Let me know about it in the discussions-section below!

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