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From Debate Competition to Monkey Temple

21/2/2015 – Right after we had that LEO activity in the orphanage in the morning our LEO friends brought us to Kings College where members of LEO Club of Kathmandu Central Town were waiting to meet us. During the day they organized a debate competition which was very new thing to me. Students meet to discuss political topics. They pretend to belong to a certain party and fight for their statements. I was really amazed. Especially to see them really being into their role. Great stuff!

But the main event was the intercultural exchange between the members of the local LEO Club and us. We were talking about leonism in general, in Nepal and in Austria / Europe as well as about our countries, stereotypes and prejudices.Also they showed us an app which indicates the blackouts in the different areas of Kathmandu. That means, it informs citizens with sort of timer when electricity comes back again. As far as I understood, in Nepal there is only 14hrs electricity available during a day – please correct me, if I’m mistaken.

The touristic highlight of the day was the world famous so called “Monkey Temple” – Swayambhunath which is situated on a small hill and offers, next to that great stupa and historic buildings a huge and phenomenal panorama over Kathmandu Valley.

A day fully packed with emotions, activities, meetings and impressions and as you can imagine, I was really glad to get some rest after this busy day. Unfortunately this was also our last day in Kathmandu, which was pretty sad, because we started to love that city and the people so much.

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