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Coming soon: A The LEO Book Pin

During my work on The LEO Book as well as my experiences on my journeys I found out, that badges are very important in LEO and Lions community. These little pins support identification, make people proud and stand for unity.

TLB Pins

The LEO Book is a project for the LEOs and should make LEOs identify with the idea behind it. That’s why I finally ordered my own badges which will be delivered right before LEF 2015 in Gelsenkirchen will take place in three weeks. I’m so happy about the decision and I am so looking forward to wearing them.

I’ll share these pins among all LEO clubs I’ll visit during my project. Also, these pins will be also available for sale on my web-shop. So people will be able to support this unique project furthermore.

What do you think about the idea of having an own The LEO Book badge? Will you buy one?




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Last modified: 15. Juli 2015