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Pashupatinath temple – the most religious place I’ve ever been to

22/02/2015 – Right after attending a LEO Club meeting Biplab took us to Pashupatinath temple. This temple is considered one of the sacred temples of Hindu faith. The temple area is huge and there are many things to see and explore. I had the wish to see it, because for me it was “the place where people were cremated in public. I think, this is the main thing, tourists all around the world know about this temple. And it makes that place really special. It was my deepest wish to once in a lifetime face the fact, dead people are burned in public. I was very nervous on the way to the temple and I did not know how I’d react facing death.

After a short walk from the parking lot we were there: the place I was so afraid (but at the same time so looking forward) to see. We sat down on some stairs opposite of these platforms which are used for cremation and just watched what happened. Biplab explained us a lot and made feel sort of comfortable there. Death is part of life and accepting it makes us understand what we should do until we die. So to be honest: my fear of facing this place vanished and I was accepting what was happening there. I did not feel fear or something bad, I was accepting the fact, that this is life.

To be honest – it’s pretty hard to describe thoughts and feelings I had while we were sitting there, I just know, that this place changed my attitude to life completely. I feel stronger and more motivated since this day and I am glad that I overcame my initial fear.

This was the most religious place I’ve ever been – I’m sure!

After being there for around 2 hours Biplab took us to another spiritual place, the big stupa “Bodnath” which – I think – is the biggest stupa in Kathmandu. We were hanging out for some time there and had some dinner before we finally had to leave Kathmandu and drive to Nagarkot, a place where we were going to see the himalaya mountains…

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