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Nagarkot – at the edge of Himalaya

22-23/02/2015 – After picking up our luggage at the hotel, our driver brought us to Nagarkot, a village around 35km away from Kathmandu which was famous for it’s view to the himalaya mountains. Being in Nepal means one should see the tallest mountains in the world as well. So we booked two rooms in the hotel with the best view to the mountains. But after we came there, there was fog and actually no view at all. What a pity 🙁 So we spent the evening in the restaurant, having nice dinner, some drinks and lot of conversation about our future and our impressions during the days in Nepal.

We decided to go to bed early and get up as soon the sun raises to finally see the mountains. 4am, sunrise, fog again and no mountains. So this was really disappointing. After breakfast we made some walk to explore the village Nargakot and at least see some nice landscape there.

But suddenly: right before we decided to leave to Kathmandu again the mountains decided to emerge from the fog and clouds. What an amazing and unique experience. Okay, I am used to mountains but these mountains are huge. All of the seen peeks are higher than 6.000m, which means at least twice as tall as I am used to see in Austria – no words for this.

Well. Luckily we had a clear view to the mountains and we could leave Nagarkot with fantastic impressions.

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