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5 Reasons why you should become part of this web-service!

What is cuthere?

I’m talking about this website:

A huge benefit of meeting LEOs during my trips is, that I directly get to know insider information and hints which I would not get as “regular tourist”. Also I always meet openminded people who are willing to share their knowledge, experience, couches, flats and services with me. So the biggest benefit (next to all LEO activities) is the direct connection to a country, culture and the way how I get to know a new city / country / culture etc.

This made me develop the idea of a sharing platform among people who like to help others. The LEO and Lions network is perfect for this, because as one network, one family we like to help each other as much as we can.

After talking about that idea with several friends I decided to make this idea come true. Together with my friend and long-term business-partner Andriy Borodiychuk we launched – a hopefully fast growing new social network for LEOs and Lions around the world which will focus on exchanging information and offers to help others feel at home while they are traveling.

Because it’s the beginning of the application, your participation is needed!

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5 reasons why you should become part of it!

1. Help other LEOs / Lions to feel at home in your country

As local your know the best places around and you can show things to people, they would never find as regular tourists.. Help them understanding your culture and make them feel at home. They will remember and be super happy – also you’ll learn a lot about their culture.

2. Sharing experiences makes fun

I think it’s one of the main factors: fun! Meeting people, having a good time with them as well as sharing experiences makes a lot of fun. That’s what you should have also – a good time!

3. Intercultural exchange teaches you about the world

There is no faster way to getting into the real culture of a city you visit than meeting locals. They mostly know the best places around and will show you things, tourists will not be able to see. Also they can easily help you with bureaucracy or language-problems.

4. Use a wide network once you are traveling and benefit from business-offers

There are 160.000+ LEOs and 1.400.000+ Lions out there, so the chance you’ll meet a LEO or Lion-friend will be pretty high. Start using this powerful network and find friends, all over the world. Further, we’d like to add business-offers (such as from hotels or traveller-hostels) which help LEOs and Lions to save money during their journeys (e.g. by giving discounts on room-rates or free drinks when wearing a LEO/Lion pin).

5. It’s easy and fast

The platform is not time-consuming at all. Just place your offer and you’re done. Whenever a person is interested in your offer, this person will contact you via facebook.

And this is how it works



The welcome screen appears just on your first visit. It explains new users how to use the application. Our main focus: it must be easy!

Login / Register with your facebook account

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-30 um 09.55.12

We decided to make facebook registration / login for the beginning and extend it with regular registration later on. Because this application is about sharing and networking facebook-registration was obvious. Also you do not have to remember new access-data. Whenever you want to use cuthere, you just need to click the “Login” button – that’s all.

Add your offer / Edit your profile

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To place your offer, there is just one thing to do: fill out the form “my offer”. Feel free to offer whatever you want and whatever you think other people can profit from when they visit your country or town. This could be a place to stay, insider information, your help getting somewhere or your time as tour-guide. Be creative!

Because this network is focused on LEOs and Lions label yourself with a Leo/Lions badge as soon you are member of this worldwide association.

Publish your offer and enrich the community

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Don’t forget to publish your offer and enrich the community with it. Don’t get confused by the placement of the marker. Because of some reasons we randomly place it in your city +/- 4km from the center.

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Further improvements / Feedback

We have a huge list of things we’d like to add to this application and we ask for your patience and feedback to create the best travel-information-and-help-offering-exchange-service in the world. We believe in it and so should you!

If you have ideas or critics feel free to use our comment-section below, contact us via facebook or the feedback-button on the website.


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Last modified: 30. Juli 2015