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Meeting LEO Club CEG

25/02/2015 – After getting the opportunity to take part at an Eye Screening Project organized by LEO Club Future Fixer we were invited to an official meeting of LEO Club of CEG, a Leo club of the College of Engineering, Guindy in Chennai.

The College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG) is a public engineering college in Chennai, India. Founded in 1858, it is one of the oldest engineering institutions in the country – Wikipedia

When we entered the meeting room, I first thought that there are students who want to meet us, but no, all of the attendees are LEO members, which was a huge “wow-effect” to me. So many LEOs in one club. I’ve never seen that before and it was really an overwhelming feeling, especially when I was asked to introduce Karoline, my project as well as myself.

Right next to one of the best universities in India there is – unfortunately – a slum area,, which we visited right after the meeting took place. The LEOs as well as the whole university supports the people there with free teaching-lessons, money and infrastructure, which in my opinion is a really great thing. Before we went there, I was a little afraid, because I’ve never been in a slum before and I did not know what will happen there. But once we entered the streets I was surprised how clean it was there. I thought there will be lot of dirt, dust and rubbish – but no, it was super clean and the people there were awaiting us like I’d have never expected.

Hello all,Mr. Othmar Fetz and Ms. Caroline from Austria visited Leo Club of CEG's activities yesterday. We are very…

Posted by LEO CLUB of CEG on Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

As soon we entered their school-area children welcomed us with flowers and songs. Wow – what an experience! It totally changed my mind and what I thought about “slums” in general. The kids prepared songs, rhymes, plays and presents for us. They gave us some drawings they have made especially for us as well as scarfs which were prepared for us.

In the evening we were invited to a Lions club meeting. Unfortunately I can not remember, which club it was. So please let me know in the comment section below or on facebook, I’d like to add it here also. What a long day already. But there is more about to come: a night beach-walk from 2am to 5am to find and save turtle-eggs.

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