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New Arrivals: The LEO Book Pins!

Why a pin?

Pins are an important item within Lion- and LEOism and they are used to show affinitiy to clubs and activities as well as honor members for special achievements.

During my trip in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka I got a lot of pins from LEOs and Lions friends during meetings and projects, which lead me to the idea of creating my own The LEO Book pins which I could give as presents during my trips. They symbolize the connection to the project and to other pin-holders.

So this week my dream of my own pins came true. After three weeks of waiting I finally received 300 of these beauties. 150 are for sale, the rest will be for the clubs I visit(ed) as well as for sponsors and special occasions.

Why you should buy at least one pin:

  • You will support the project
  • Your name will be published on the website
  • Your name will be published in the book
  • They look awesome
  • Become a part of the project and feel connected to all other pin-holders
  • Free shipping worldwide!

Get one now!

Some pictures





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Last modified: 1. August 2015