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Turtle Walk – An activity from 2 to 5am

This night we could experience something unique. A so called “turtle walk” on Marina beach, the second longest beach in the world, which is around 13 km long. Regularly environmentalist are searching and saving turtle eggs there. It’s important to save these eggs from being damaged by tourists, collected by thieves or dug out by dogs. The eggs will be taken to a special breeding station, and as soon the turtles hatched they were taken back and released to the sea.

The turtles will remember the exact place where they were released and will come back later in life all the way from Australia to lay eggs again.

This turtle walk started at around 2am and lasted until 5:30 in the morning. For us, it was especially hard walk, because the humidity and temperature at the beach was really high and we were not used to that. But it was totally worth that efforts, I mean, wo can say, that one walked on second longest beach of the world during the night and saved turtles?!

LEOs occasionally take part in these turtle walks which is really a nice and great activity!

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Last modified: 3. August 2015