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Visit of Mahabalipuram Beach

Yesterday was a long and hard day. There was this eye-screening project, attending a club meeting at CEG university, a Lions district meting and the turtle walk during the night. But nevertheless, we started our tour after just a view ours of sleep.

My LEO friends took me to Mahabalipuram beach, which was around 1,5 hours drive from Chennai and where we stayed in the hotel. We visited some heritage and got some great insights of thousand and more years old culture by visiting this big rock-monuments.

At Mahabalipuram beach the LEOs met with Lions and some locals to discuss a beach cleaning project they would like to start there. Mahabalipuram is visited by lots of tourists but because there are no facilities to put the trash, people just leave it on the beach, which is really wrong. So with help of the Lions, the local LEO club can buy trash bins and start a regular beach cleaning activity. Great!

Because Lions and LEOs use each oportunity to help, they also brought new bed-sheets and gave it to people in need. Great small, fast but very helpful project!Short before leaving, the LEOs asked a fisherman to take a ride with us on the ocean. What a blast!

Back in Chennai I could attend a 40th years celebration of a Lions club in Chennai.

As you can imagine, the days in Chennai were really intense and we were very tired afterwards.


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Last modified: 29. November 2020