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LEO Club Meeting with Sarong Party

28/02/2015 – This club meeting was super awesome. We were told, that we’re going to attend a club meeting and get some dinner, but it happend to be a great evening with lot of surprises. We got a great dinner, could attend their club-meeting with special guests, sing our national anthem, listen to folk-music, performed by the members of Leo Club Of Panadura – Alubomulla and as a big surprise we got a Sarong as a present.

Sarongs are very common in Sri Lanka and worn only by men. (A similar garment is worn by women. However, the women’s garment is called “redda”, which is wraparound skirt.) It is the standard garment for most men in rural and even some urban communities. However, most men of upper social classes (whose public attire is trousers) wear the sarong only as a convenient night garment or only within the confines of the house.

Such a great evening and thank you much for that!

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How to tie a sarong

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