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A bottle of “Lions Milk” for every new member – LEO Club Kowloon (Hong Kong)

We have our general meeting every month. At the beginning of the meeting, all members would stand up and sing the Leo Song. Then the meeting proceeds and we have snacks and drinks during the meeting. The snacks are actually funded by a pool of money called “congratulatory money賀金”. If any of the members is late for the meeting or has spoken some inappropriate words during the meeting, our Tail Twister would collect fine from them. The total amount of fine would then become the “congratulatory money賀金” and would fund for the refreshments of the next meeting.

When someone is accepted into our club to be a new member, there is a special ritual to be performed. Firstly, the new member would say a pledge to serve the Leo Club. Then a Leo Vest would be put on he/she by the member who recommended his/her entry. Finally, the new member would receive a bottle of “Lion’s milk” which is soy milk put inside a baby bottle. He/she must finish the whole bottle of milk through the narrow opening of the baby bottle before the meeting finishes. While the new member is trying hard to suck out the milk, other members always try to interfere with the drinking process for fun!

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