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Lionism: In the words of youth (Nepal)

Leo friend Roshan Barnwal asked me to publish his article about Lionism and his LEO story. I am glad to share this with you!

Lionism: In the words of youth

The happiness that you achieve my doing something that makes others happy is what defines volunteerism for me. Volunteerism to me is a way to utilize my skills, ideas and time to generate invaluable outputs which brings positive change in an individual and in the society. Volunteerism to me is more than just words as it has helped me provided me with immense satisfaction and helped me explore my strengths, my abilities and develop myself as a confident individual.

I started off my journey as a volunteer 6 years ago and today I’m a proud LIONS clubs member/volunteer. However, in 2015, my spirit of volunteerism accelerated, when I became a part of earthquake relief under Leo club. I started by providing relief materials, food, tents and basic necessities to the affected. I helped Leo club eureka to build Eureka houses, which were temporary settlements in cave shapes made up of tin sheds. This work provided me immense satisfaction. The pain of loss and fear in the people’s faces encouraged me to keep going, so I collected more than 10 Lakhs by sole initiations to build those houses. I even organized a candle march for the peace of the people who lost their lives in the earthquake and their family members. In the march, I talked to people about how they can volunteer to help others at the time of such catastrophe.

For this reason, I was awarded with the esteemed title of International Leo of the Year 2014-2015 among 30 Leos of world. I travelled to all the affected 13 districts and besides building the houses, I helped to provide as much relief as I could to the people affected. This was an eye opening experience for me as it made me realize the importance of youth participation in the welfare of the society.

Hence, triggered by the realization, I took the initiation to establish Leo of Kathmandu Kailash in order to provide the youth a platform where they can come and selflessly contribute to the society through volunteering. Through the club we have been volunteering in the old age homes, orphanage(Maya ghar) where we held two campaigns for the children. Through Leo club of Kathmandu Kailash I have also played a lead role in carrying out hand washing training at schools, serving meals to street children and most importantly organizing national youth conference with national youth council to motivate the youths. Volunteering is not the only the act of serving people but it also the act of discovering one own self.

DSC_0874 small

Leo Roshan Barnwal – Internationl Leo of the year 2014-15

Date of Birth: 9th January 1994
Nationality: Nepali
Profession: Student (B.E. Running)
Post: Joint Treasurer, Leo District Council 325A2
Home Club: Leo Club of Kathmandu Kailash

Activity Photos

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