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Leo Day Celebration in Sri Lanka

The MADD Walk 2015 is an awareness walk organized by Leo Multiple District 306 under the theme “March against Dangerous Drugs”. The primary objective of this walk is to prevent people from using addictive drugs by creating awareness in the society. The walk accommodated over 2500 Leos, Lions, parents and members from partner organizations from all over the country.

The MADD Walk took place on 05th of December 2015 started around 2.00 PM onwards from Galle Face and ended in Henry Pediris Grounds.

In addition to the awareness campaign, we raised funds from the Walk to construct a Sustainable Rehabilitation & Vocational Training Center in Galaha, Kandy. This project will be conducted under the supervision & guidance of Ven.Dr.Kirinde Assaji Thero of Gangarama Temple Colombo.

Nearly 27 clubs of Multiple District 306 jointly organized this massive awareness walk. There were 1200+ Leos and 100+ Lions and other invitess who joined to make the MADD Walk a success. This was the first ever initiative by Leos to create a massive awareness walk to address a burning issue in country. We as responsible youth will continue to work in future to create a Dangerous Drug Free country.

Leo Abarnah
President 2015/2016 – Leo Club of Colombo Circle

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