Sorry for being inactive for the last several weeks, but I was busy with business-things and could not handle all the workload. But nevertheless, the next trip is about to start and I’m very excited about it already. On thursday next week I’ll be starting the longest trip during The LEO Book project (yet). It’s going to last for 3,5 weeks and will take me to Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Batu Pahat, Medan, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

The current itinerary

After planning the trip for around eight months now and after countless amount of messages, emails and whatsapp-messages I can not believe that my plane is taking off soon. For this journey I’d like to introduce video-posts which I’m going to publish on my facebook page, so I’ll be able to send you even more impressions from my trip.

Really looking forward to the next 3,5 weeks, meeting many new LEO friends and hope you’ll be following me as well!

Get some impressions from the LEO clubs I’m going to meet

LEO Club Assunta


LEO Club Batu Pahat


LEO Club Stalion


LEO Club Kairos Gracia


LEO Club Hong Kong Host


LEO Club of Kowoloon