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Kleinburg and Oakville (Canada) – how wonderful!

Exactly in two weeks from now I’m going to travel to Canada and will visit two LEO Clubs there: Kleinburg LEO Club (facebook) and Oakville LEO Club (facebook). Yesterday I was doing some research and found these short movies about the two places which are close to Toronto. Look how beautiful it is there. I really can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.

So from June 3rd to June 11th I’m going to stay in Canada and will attend two projects there. On Monday the LEOs from Oakville will prepare dinner for poor people and on Friday a so called “Paintnite” (Website about the paintnite movement) is going to take place near Kleinburg. For sure I’ll be visiting Toronto, Kleinburg and as highlight: the Niagara Falls which will be another highlight of this trip.

Look at the Starbucks in Kleinburg – it’s simply awesome!






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Last modified: 20. Mai 2016