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From Wels to Prague

June, 3rd 2016 – The day has come on which I need to pack my stuff again. This time I had some special task: bringing candy do Canada. By chance I found this two big boxes full of the famous “Manner-Schnitten” (Website) in the supermarket, not thinking about how to fit them into my bag. As you can see, they are taking huge amount of space, but okay, tasks exist to be solved.

For some reasons I booked the flights from and to Prauge, my most favorite town. The flights were around 50% cheeper then flying from Linz (close to my hometown) or Vienna (around 3hrs from my hometown), so I decided to take that 4hrs-bus ride to Prague, stay there for a night and fly on the next day. Saving almost 400 Euros was worth it.

Well, actually nothing more to say.  The hotel, Holiday Inn Prague Airport ( I stayed in was only 5-7 minutes walk away from the Terminal I was departing the next day, actually it was pretty new with nice, comfy rooms, but the wifi was real crap, but for one night okay.
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