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Hello Toronto!

Prague Airport

For some it might sound a little crazy, but yes, I flew from Prague to Toronto, which means, taking a bus for 4 hours from Linz to Prague, stay in a Hotel for the night and get the early morning flight via Brussels to Toronto. Yes, that’s insane, but it in total the transportation costs were less then half price as if I flew from Austria, so it was worth it. Anyway, Prague is a lovely town and always nice to be there.


The Flight

It was my first trans Atlantic flight and I did not know what to expect in terms of sea and stuff, but unfortunately there were just clouds and no good view to the sea anyway.

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The Hotel

I was staying at Hampton Inn by Hilton Toronto around an hour outside of Toronto. Nice clean rooms and huge beds which were so comfy! Here you can check their hotel page on


The City

My hosts Maddalena and Turk took me to Toronto in the evening, so I could get a first impression of that town. I am sure I’ll never forget this awesome smell of bbq which was around in the whole center while we were walking along. Wow, that was great and a wonderful first impression. After some beer and this fantastic fatty food 🙂 I was sleeping like a baby during the night.

DSC_9441 DSC_9444 DSC_9451 DSC_9460 DSC_9463 DSC_9465 DSC_9466Us

Maddalena and Turk taking so much care about me already on the first day. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to the next week!

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