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A walk through Tartu (Estonia)

16/09/2015 – As mentioned earlier, the project with the LEOs was cancelled and so I had some time to explore Tartu with a nice walk through the center. Because I had a car with me, I decided to leave Tartu early and take a day-trip to Narva, the city right at the Russian border, which turned out to be an amazing trip. Pictures about it soon.

I enjoyed the time in Tartu, but was a little sad, that there was not so much LEO activity. The hotel, “Hotel Tartu” ( was nice and had a very nice Skandinavian style, although the breakfast was a little poor, but the location was great. Just a view minutes walk to the center, shopping malls with restaurants and supermarket right next to it. On the backside there is the river with lots of space to chill out and relax.

Does anybody know what that first sign mean?

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