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Light Walks in Kadriorg

September 16, 2015. My first day in Tallinn was really great, I had the whole day to relax in my stunning and large apartment I rented from Dharma Yoga Residence Apartments ( and walk around a little in downtown. LEO friend Silvia (facebook) and her boyfriend picked me up in the evening and brought me to a special place: the Kadriorg park, where the “Lights Walk” took place.

The aim of this annual festival in Kadriorg Park is to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of autumn.  Thousands of candles are lit all over the park and light installations installed. Traditionally, the festival goes hand in hand with a programme of concerts by local artists and a light show to end the evening. –

What should I say: have a look at the photos to understand how awesome that event was. Several bands and artists were playing on different locations wide spread over this huge park. There were places to have food, drinks and people were chilling in the grass and around the different stages and venues.

Could there be any better first day in a town? And to be honest, as regular traveller/tourist I would have never found this event by myself. Okay, maybe by chance on an internet-platform, but then I would not have gone there (the park is a little outside of the center). This is the thing I really love on being a LEO: to have the chance to be with locals who can show you the right stuff at the right time and one can deeply fall into daily life on a new place.

This is so great!


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