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Getting Drunk the Big Bang Theory Way

September 18th, 2015. Because it was Friday and my LEO friends were at work or at the university, I spent my time walking around and exploring the city center of Tallinn. “A photographers day starts with a good coffee”, my lector in university used to say, so I was trying to find the best cafe in town, which – according to several websites – is Kehrwieder (website). They are downtown center and roast their own coffee. But not only this, their location is awesome (see images below). Unfortunately there were no guests, so I started my day with small-talks to the staff.

In the evening some of the LEOs picked me up and showed me some bars, and restaurants in downtown Tallinn and we – the pictures proof – had great fun and lots of drinks. I really loved the bar “Labor” (facebook) which serves various drinks in laboratory equipment. The shots were strong as well as super tasty, and we had plenty of these.

Somewhen in the night (I actually can not remember the time anymore) the LEOs showed me the old-town of Tallinn as well as a nice view from the castle. It was perfect. Again!

The next day, a LEO activity will take place, so we had to be home early 😉

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