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Maintaining your club in 3 easy ways

We all know the pains of maintaining the group intact and harmonize as an officer or a member of any organization. Luckily, in LEO Club, the answer on how to maintain a group is spelled out on its motto: LEADERSHIP. EXPERIENCE. OPPORTUNITY.


Leadership: Respect is a Must

While you do not necessarily need to be friends with everyone in your LEO Club, you must respect each other by being courteous (in example, be on time). Since every LEO is considered as a Leader, you must recognize each other’s role in the group.

To remove social cliques, committee membership becomes handy. Separate the members that are already close so they may work with other LEOs outside their circle.

Working and sharing a great project or activity with a co-member is the ultimate step on building respect for each other.


Experience: Friendship is the Key

Friendship is not something that you have to force. It comes naturally and it needs time.

In an ideal setting within a LEO Club, spending more time working on activities and experiencing things together lead to friendship. Conventions and regular monthly meetings can provide the bonding that may eventually lead to lifelong friendships.

With friendship and respect as basis, your LEO Club should move towards a more cooperative environment. To foster that, you need to ask for your friends’ suggestions and comments on club activities. You may also ask them about their own personal mission and vision for the club.

A made-up club recognition project every month may also provide a boost club members’ camaraderie. You may add witty awards too!


Opportunity: Loosen up!

Of course everything becomes easier, if you loosen up a bit. The best opportunity to loosen up is through a fellowship after every activity, program or meeting.

You do not need to be in a teambuilding activity to play games, it could be part of your fellowship activity. You may assign a random member to create an on-the-spot game for the group. A little surprise for everyone does not hurt!

Photos were taken during the General Assembly of District 301-A2 last October 9, 2016. 

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