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A Fashion Show in an Airport

Pozen (Poland), October 9th, 2015. The highlight of the day, and the reason why we visited Poland: A professional fashion show organized by Leos from LEO Club Poznan (facebook) and LEO Club Poznan 1996 (facebook).

Unfortunately I did not have too much contact with the LEOs before, during or after the event, but all I can say is, that they did a really awesome job. This fahsion show was truly so professional and I really loved to watch it.

“Every time we collect money for holiday camps for children from child care homes from Poznań and Wielkopolska. In our 5 editions we collected about 120 000 PLN (~28.000 €)” – so LEO Joanna Maria Przystanska, one of the organizers of the event

More images also from past years on their website at

dsc_2592 dsc_2594 dsc_2596 dsc_2597 dsc_2601 dsc_2607 dsc_2608 dsc_2614 dsc_2618 dsc_2623 dsc_2629 dsc_2640 dsc_2652 dsc_2667 dsc_2693 dsc_2699 dsc_2714 dsc_2724 dsc_2751 dsc_2754 dsc_2758 dsc_2766 dsc_2769 dsc_2774 dsc_2776 dsc_2780 dsc_2783 dsc_2786 dsc_2789 dsc_2796 dsc_2799 dsc_2813 dsc_2818 dsc_2820 dsc_2823 dsc_2836 dsc_2842 dsc_2854 dsc_2864 dsc_2867 dsc_2869 dsc_2873 dsc_2876 dsc_2884 dsc_2898 dsc_2899 dsc_2904 dsc_2911 dsc_2913 dsc_2918 dsc_2923 dsc_2939 dsc_2949 dsc_2954 dsc_2963 dsc_2970 dsc_2972 dsc_2973 dsc_2979 dsc_2981

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