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Once a year, the LEOs from Europe meet at the so called LEF, the LEO Europe Forum which lasts a week and will offer different social and fun events to members of LEO clubs of Europe. In 2015 I was able to attend the forum for two days and got some insight into this event.
At the so called »POC« (Presentation Of Countries), some countries are able to introduce themselves and share their projects with others. A great opportunity to get inspired by other projects and see LEO in it’s full diversity.

What is your superpower?

One part of the LEF are workshops and trainings for the attendees. There are fun- and serious workshops. I was invited to hold two workshops. One fun-workshop about photography with smartphones and one about marketing and branding-strategies of LEO clubs. We have discussed several different approaches of how to do marketing for a LEO club and tried to find out the superpower of the attendees LEO clubs.

If you are interested in my slides, here they are:

Unofficial P.O.C

In the evening there was this so called »unoffcial Presentation Of Countries«, a less formal way to get to know other countries as well. Each country delegation can bring (or/and prepare) food and drinks from it’s homeland and share it with others.

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Last modified: 6. September 2017