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10280 km in 24 hours

Flying, flying, flying

Today was travel day and the first day of my short US-trip to Portland and Chicago. Well, actually not a lot of things happened today, but traveling for 26 hours from Wels, my home by a 3 hrs-shuttle-ride to Munich, followed by an almost 10hrs flight to Chicago, a layover of 3hrs and finally another 4,5hrs ride to my final destination, Portland.

Tomorrow, theUSA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum will start with some thousands of Lions meeting for three days. I got the unique opportunity to hold a seminar on Friday about Engaging the youth and my experiences about the collaboration between Lions and LEOs around the globe.

I am really glad I got this great chance and I am very much looking forward to sharing my view on Lionism and Community Service with several hundreds of Lions friends.

But for now: sleep!

I really wonder, who (beside professionals or some hipsters) is carrying film in the luggage? But hey, maybe it’s more common than I think, I actually like the sign.

Using the layover to have a deep dish pizza, which Chicago is known for. It was jhummy, but by far not the best choice right before another 4,5hrs flight. But hey – it’s travel, time 🙂

Flying over the central part of the US was really very surprising for me. Most parts of the country appeared to be desert and not very populated. Interesting new fact I learned about the states as well as I needed to change my image I had.

Right before landing we had a great sunset and a nice view onto mountains with snow on top. Also very surprising for me, but worth to watch!

Finally arrived in Portland and the wonderful The Benson Hotel in the center of the city. I forced myself to edit the photos and type this blog-post, but now it’s really time to go to sleep.

Good night my friends!

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Last modified: 21. September 2017