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The LEO Book Presentation in Chicago!

LCICon 2017

Chicago, 30. Juni 2017. Each year, more than 20,000 Lions from across the globe gather together to celebrate at our international convention. The convention offers an ideal setting to reunite acquaintances and make new friends. Learn about other club and district projects. And make personal connections with international leaders and representatives from headquarters.

During international convention, you will have the chance to join Lions from more than 120 countries and geographical areas – with different languages and backgrounds – marching side-by-side down the streets of the host city during the Parade of Nations.  Attend seminars and vote on the association’s future.  And enjoy event highlights, including three action-packed plenary sessions, an exciting exhibit hall and more. – Source:

So there we are: the ultimate goal of this project: the day, my presentation will take place, and to be honest, I was really very nervous, especially because I did not know, what to expect.

The Presentation

My presentation was set for 4pm, so I had some more time to sit at the coffee-shop and learn the slides and the message I’d like to deliver to the audience. The stage itself was really great and had a wonderful design, I really enjoyed. Because of technical issues, there was no chance to attach my computer to their equipment, so I could not run my Keynote presentation. I had to convert it to PDF and send it to the guy backstage. The result was, that I did not have any preview of the next slides. To make this possible and get me some support at all, I was operating my computer and the screen-projection at the same time – kind’ of fun 🙂

The Video

We tried to live-stream the presentation, but unfortunately there was a problem with the orientation of the video (it was turned by 90-degree), so I downloaded it from facebook, turned it around and re-uploaded it to youtube. So if you are interested in how my very first presentation went – here we geo:


Order your copy of the book now!

LEO Welcome Party

Right after the presentation, the so called LEO Welcome Party took place, where alpha and omega-LEOs from all around the world could meet and have some great fun together. I enjoyed meeting LEOs which I met in different countries showing them the book. Some of them were also participating the projects in the book.

For the major LEOs there was another party in a pub in the city, subsequent to the general event which took place in the congress center.

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