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A message from Oak Brook and European ILOs

I know that the idea of traveling the world is strong, but I never expected, that it’s going to reach our headquarter in Oak Brook so quickly…

View days ago I got a really unexpected e-mail:

Greetings! My name is Emily and I am writing from the Youth Programs Department at Lions Clubs International. My colleague, Jessica Hoey, attended the Lions Europa Forum last week where she met with your fellow European Leos and she shared the story of your “Leo Book Project” with me.

I would love to discuss the project with you…

It was written by Emily, Youth Program Coordinator from Lions Club International. Actually I was a bit surprised, better name it “shocked” that my project already reached our headquarters. So I explained my ideas and plans to Emily and got something wounderful in reply:

I’ve looked through your website and the Leo Book Project certainly sounds like an admirable undertaking. At our headquarters, we appreciate the value of photographs of Leos and Lions in action. Over the years, pictures of Leos serving have helped us tell the story of the Leo Club Program and demonstrate the positive impact that Leos have made on their communities. We commend your initiative and efforts to document Leo service around the world.

As I understand, you are interested in revealing your final project at the 2017 Lions International Convention in honor of the Leo Club Program’s 60th anniversary. It will be some time before we begin planning the Leo events at the 2017 Convention, but we can surely consider highlighting your work.

This is really cool and pushes me to work even harder on my “big plan”. So for the next weeks I’ll get into contact with as many LEO clubs as possible and try to figure out a potential route and time-schedule.

Two weeks earlier I was invited to the European ILO Skype conference to present my project to ILOs in Europe. That was very exciting for me, but very very very good. It was superb to hear, that people like my idea and will support me in my plans.

That’s great. We found out you start an international Leo project. Since you have planinng to visit Leo around the world, and also since Europen Leos (especially ILO Council is open to all ILOs around the world) and that you want to visit as many as possible Leo Districts, ILOs from Europe and Mediterranien area could of course help you, invite you to their NC, and of course may you will just tell more about your project, so that other ILOs could hear from you.

The next steps for me and my project: creating clear concepts and get into contact with lots of lots of lots of other LEOs!

Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash

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Last modified: 26. December 2020