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Arrival in Kathmandu

Sorry for not updating the blog for such a long time. I simply did not have time to do so.

19.02.2015 – Time to say good bye from Delhi and move on to the next destination: Kathmandu in Nepal. We had an afternoon flight, so we reached the capital of Nepal around 4pm. The flight took us only something like 1,5 hours, but because of high temperature I was sleeping the whole time. When we arrived the airport, some LEOs were already waiting for us and celebrating our arrival with traditional gifts. I was too tired to take photos, but fortunately Karoline did. She shot this superb image below.

A driver brought us to our hotel, which is situated in Thamel, downtown Kathmandu. Our room was located in the 4th floor and because there was no lift, it was a pretty hard task for me to get there. But yay. I was strong enough to climb the stairs. Because I urently needed to sleep, Karoline and the boys were roaming around in Thamel. Once Biplab arrived at our hotel to say hello to Karoline and me, he called a friend of him who is a doctor in a hospital and asked him to help me. He was also LEO. He arrived in the evening at the hotel and after a short examination he wrote down some recipe for me. Karoline and Biplab got me that drugs and I finally felt like: “yay, someone is helping me”. During the night the temperature went down and I could have a good rest until the next day.

Some facts: the six drugs costed only around 6 Euros. Thats amazingly cheep. Especially, these things were real bombs!


Credit: Karoline Pöhn (


View from our apartment in Thamel

View from our apartment in Thamel

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